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Chefonline is a UK based online food ordering platform. Acting as a medium between customer and independent restaurant and takeaway services, Chefonline has made food ordering and restaurant reservation easier for the customers and reaching out to customer and managing and processing easier for the restaurant business owners.

Since ordering food over telephone is no longer the most plausible thing to do and online ordering is convenient, most restaurant and takeaway business owners of UK are now embracing the concept of online ordering service. However, there are many small and independent restaurant and takeaway service businesses in the UK that cannot develop their own online ordering facility yet, since it involves a lot of investment. And therefore, these independent businesses affiliate themselves with third party intermediary online companies. And these companies charge commission on every order these restaurants and takeaway services get.

Le Chef PLC, the parent company of Chefonline was founded in 2014 with the vision of providing an online ordering platform for restaurants and takeaways in the UK, that does not charge commission on every single order the restaurants or takeaways get but just a small monthly fee. And in February 2016, Chefonline emerged as the online ordering platform.

Chefonline became a successful online ordering platform, which is more accessible to business owners. By charging an unsubstantial amount of monthly fee instead of a certain percentage of commission for every orders, Chefonline has already stirred an applaud of appreciation from the restaurant and takeaway owners all over the UK.

Chefonline is a portal where individuals can search for their favorite takeaway and place an order for either delivery or collection. Those orders will then be passed to the appropriate establishment for processing. Individuals can also search for their favorite restaurants to book a table.

Restaurants that sign up with Chefonline, are provided with a 6 months of trial period and get their website build the way they want. The restaurateur or takeaway owner, their clientele and the delivery personnel get Chefonline mobile app (for both iPhone and Android). Chefonline also provides 24/7 support service and keeps track of each order and payment of signed up restaurants and takeaways.

For more information visit www.chefonline.com

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